Driving Directions

When you arrive at Ria Apartments (image above), keep left. Prepare to make a sharp left turn as you arrive at a junction (image below).

Follow the signboard direction to Kuala Lumpur (green signboard) and make a sharp left turn uphill. Continue to follow the signboard direction to KL for 1 km. Along this road you will see first world hotel on your right side.

Continue uphill until you arrive at another junction. Exit to the left, in the direction of KL, and you will see a Petron 500m Signboard. Descend down the hill until you arrive at a roundabout (image below), with a Petron station across. Take the first exit (sharp left turn). Note that the Petron station was not yet built when the picture below was taken.

Drive along this road for another 5 minutes and you will arrive at a small guardhouse. Make a left turn and continue along this road until you reach the lobby. Welcome! You’ve arrive at Amber Court.